Evy Poumpouras


speaking engagements

We are all afraid of something.

As one of the world’s leading experts on fear, Evy Poumpouras knows when it serves us and when it hinders us.  Fear can be the fuel that spurs us on to superhuman achievement, or it can be the fodder for divisiveness, distrust, and paralysis.

A former Secret Service Special Agent, guarding high value targets, including our last three Presidents, Evy knows that each and every one of us is a “high value target”, and uses her unique experiences to show us how to become bulletproof in our business, our home, and our everyday interactions. Using the skills she learned from her training with one of the most elite security forces in the world, she teaches others how to find the strongest version of themselves. What do you do when things go bad?  How do you prevent threat? How can you tell when someone is lying? How do you take ownership for you work and life? How do you keep yourself and your loved ones safe?

Evy’s speaking events are captivating and powerful. Drawing upon her experience as a veteran Secret Service Special Agent, expert interviewer, and on-air TV personality, Evy custom designs each of her presentations to fit the needs of her audience. Her speaking engagements range from one hour to a full week of programming. She gives master classes on self-confidence and leadership, how to better communicate and negotiate, overcoming diversity, increasing motivation, and living fearlessly.


Topics include:

Fear: When It Serves Us and When It Doesn’t
Resilience: In Business and In Life
Training the Mind
Empathy: Your Most Powerful Weapon
Communication Skills
Decoding Body Language

Security and Safety
Women’s Workplace Issues and Empowerment