Evy Poumpouras

How to Appear More Confident

Hilary Silverman

When it comes to wardrobe, colors matter.

In a professional environment, wear darker colors like black, navy or gray. People will take you more seriously and listen to what you have to say. Avoid bright and bold colors, especially yellow, pink, purple and orange. They exude a softness and send the message that you are easy to intimidate.

Take up space.

In environments where people feel uncomfortable, they tend to make themselves small by hunching in their shoulders and slouching as if they are trying to make themselves invisible. Confident people sit up right and take up space. Their chest is open and shoulders are pushed back. Their body sends the message that they deserve to be there.

Look at people.

Direct eye contact in the western world is important. Confident people don’t shy away from eye contact. Look at people when you speak and more importantly, look at them when they speak. It shows that you are listening and care about what they have to say. It also sends the message that you are sure of yourself and your abilities.

Slow down your speech.

Take your time and breathe when you speak. Don’t rush through your words. Hurried speech is a strong indication of nervousness and sends the message that what you have to say isn’t that important. Slow deliberate speech implies that you are thoughtful and what you say matters.

Tone and pitch.

Your voice can exude confidence or insecurity. It’s not just your words that are important, but the way in which you speak them. When we are nervous, our voice goes up and we end our statements as if they are questions. As a result, people will not take you seriously. Take your hand and place it on your collar bone, then speak. When your collar bone vibrates, that is an indication you are speaking at your natural tone and pitch. Let your voice resonate and fill up the room when you address others.

Do something that makes you feel strong before your interaction.

Listen to a song that makes you feel empowered, watch your favorite television show or go out and get in a great workout. The point is to do something that puts you into a confident mindset. Any action that makes you feel powerful will alter your psychological mindset.