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Pro-Techt Yourself with these New Gadgets

Robbin Watson

Self-defense isn’t just about knowing how to physically protect yourself. Having situational awareness, taking self-defense classes, and being in good physical shape are all great ways to keep yourself safe, but they’re not the only ways. Technology is another great resource you can add to your toolbox.

Here are my top safety picks for 2019. To find out where you can get these products, check out my current picks.

LIFE 360

Want peace of mind in knowing where your family and friends are? Try Life 360, a location and communication app that helps you stay connected with those you care about. You can track loved ones on a map, communicate with them, and receive alerts and notifications once they arrive to their destination - all from your smartphone.



Another way to track those you love is Find My Friends. This app tells you where your friends are through GPS tracking. Add your friends or anyone in your inner circle to the app and create your own social network. This is great for when you are traveling alone because those in your Find My Friends circle can keep an eye out to make sure you get to where you are going safely.

Find My Friends.png


It is estimated that 1 in 13 college freshman have their drinks spiked by some type of drug. SipChip created an easy and discreet way to test your drink to know if it has been tampered with. Just place a few drops of your drink onto a small test chip. One line means it’s been tampered with, while two lines mean you’re in the clear. Results come within seconds and have over a 99.3% accuracy rate.



Most people have an alarm for their house or car. Well, here’s one for your body. This small device that attaches to your keychain can be a great defense to any would-be attacker. When in duress, just push a button to activate 130db of sound to disorient your assailant and draw attention to yourself.


A panic button disguised as a ring, Nimb is another innovative personal security tool. When you push the panic button, it sends out a silent alert. Similar to a home security alarm system, a dispatcher will call you to see if everything is ok. If there’s no answer, they’ll notify emergency personnel of your location, which is tracked through the ring. The device comes with an app where you can add your personal identifiers as well as your photo so first responders know who they’re looking for.